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Sculpting New York - Non Surgical Fat Reduction & Laser Surgery New York (NY)

Body Contouring

Many people are unable to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat and loose skin, no matter how diligently they diet and exercise. This is often a result of genetics and the inherent nature of skin and fat. We have several procedures available in the office including: CoolSculpting by Zeltiq, Liposonix, liposuction, Smart Lipo and Lipolite that are designed to help sculpt these stubborn areas. Each procedure is unique in its mechanism, expected results, and patient downtime. It is important to note that these procedures are meant to sculpt problem areas of the body, and should not be used for weight loss or if the patient is obese. Results are best when combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

For patients who are troubled by loose skin, we have several procedures available:

  • Thermage is a technology that uses radiofrequency to heat the deep layers of the skin to stimulate the formation of new collagen in the skin which results in a tightening effect. The top layer of the skin is simultaneously cooled, which keep the top layers of the skin safe, resulting in no down time. Thermage can be performed on the face, neck and body. Full results can be seen three months after the procedure.
  • Ulthera is a new technology that uses ultrasound to bypass the surface of the skin and target the deep layers of the skin. The sound waves lay microscopic lesions deep beneath the skin, which causes a tightening effect and stimulates collagen production. The end result is firmer, tighter skin in the treatment area. Currently we use Ulthera to treat the face and neck, but research is being done to determine the efficacy of this procedure on other areas of the body. Full results can be seen three months after the procedure.

For patients concerned with cellulite:

Although there is no way to permanently get rid of cellulite, VelaShape is a technology that will significantly reduce the lumps, bumps, and bulges that plague many people. VelaShape utilizes suction, mechanical rollers, heat, and infrared light to significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Patients come in for treatment twice a week for up to 16 treatments. Most patients start to see results after five to six sessions, and will notice significant contouring and tightening after ten sessions. Many patients come in for monthly maintenance appointments after completing the 16 treatment protocol.

For patients concerned with stubborn pockets of fat we have both surgical and non-surgical body-sculpting procedures available:

Non-surgical Body Sculpting:

  • CoolSculpting by Zeltiq is a non-surgical procedure with no downtime. Each area takes one hour to treat. Patients are attached to a machine that lowers the temperature of the fat to its freezing point which damages the cells. Because the skin has a lower freezing point, there is no damage done and thus no down time. Over a period of three months, the body removes the damaged fat cells. Most patents experience a 20 percent fat reduction in the area treated.
  • Liposonix is a technology that was recently approved in the United States. The system uses high-intensity ultrasound energy to damage fat cells but causes no harm to surrounding skin, tissue and organs. Patients see full results after three months of treatment

Surgical Body Sculpting

  • Liposculpture is an improvement of the traditional liposuction procedure. Because numbing fluid is used to numb and liquefy the fat, we are able to use very small cannulas to remove the fluid and fat, resulting in less downtime and scarring. The procedure is done under local anesthesia. Patients are able to go home shortly after the procedure and return to work within two to three days.
  • Lipolite is a procedure that uses a laser, inserted beneath the skin to melt fat and is often used in conjuction with the liposculpture procedure. In addition to melting fat, the laser has the added benefit of tightening the overlying skin.
  • Smart Lipo is a procedure that combines the liposculpture procedure with the technology of the LipoLite laser. The benefit of combining the two is that results are optimized, especially in small areas that benefit from both fat removal and tightening such as the neck, upper arms and inner thighs.