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Droopy and Assymetric Nose

There is no feature of the face where the phrase, “the grass is always greener on the other side” is more applicable than the nose.  It seems that few people are happy with this most prominent feature of the face.  Some resort to rhinoplasties, or nose jobs, in order to obtain their desired nose shape.  While this procedure is effective, many are unwilling to undergo surgery and some are still unhappy even after going under the knife.

Dr. Rokhsar has invented a procedure called the non-surgical nose job which can address many nose issues.  In this procedure, Dr. Rokhsar will work with you do determine your ideal nose shape, then use a filler, usually Radiesse, to help sculpt and refine your nose.  This procedure has proven effective in masking bumps, raising tips, correcting a-symmetries, and building a more defined nose-bridge.

Droopy And Assymetric Nose. Before Treatment photo: Female - right side view Droopy And Assymetric Nose. After Treatment photo: Female - right side view

InStyle - Droopy And Assymetric Nose