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Sculpting New York - Non Surgical Fat Reduction & Laser Surgery New York (NY)

Face Contouring

Many people wish to enhance or alter the contours of their face for many different reasons.  Some wish to re-gain lost volume or decrease fullness, some would like to enhance bony structures such as the cheeks or chin, others would like to alter the shape of the nose, and some people wish for fuller lips.  The benefit of non-surgical face contouring procedures is that the patient can actively guide the doctor throughout the procedure in order to obtain the desired result.  Our office offers a variety of non-surgical contouring procedures:



Cheek Enhancement

Dr. Rokhsar typically uses Radiesse (a calcium based filler) to enhance the bony structure of the cheeks.  A numbing cream, is first applied for 30 minutes.  This helps to reduce discomfort during the injection.  The Radiesse is also mixed with lidocaine which helps to further increase patient’s comfort during the procedure.  The procedure itself takes about fifteen minutes.  Dr. Rokhsar will work with you throughout the procedure to obtain your desired result. Results last between six months and a year.

Chin Enhancement

Radiesse is also used for the non-surgical chin implant.  Patients are numbed with a topical numbing cream for 30 minutes before the procedure.  As with the cheek enhancement procedure, the Radiesse is mixed with lidocaine which further reduces discomfort.

Lip Enhancement

Dr. Rokhsar typically uses Restylane or Juvederm, both hylauronic acid (a naturally occurring substance in the skin) fillers because he feels that these are the safest products available and offer the most natural results.  These fillers can be used both to fill in the pucker lines around the lips that form with age and to increase the volume of the lips.  Lip enhancement does not need to look unnatural.  Dr. Rokhsar’s expert placement of filler will give a natural more voluptuous effect.  A numbing cream is applied before treatment to reduce discomfort.  The procedure takes about 15 minutes and results typically last between six and 12 months.

Non-Surgical Nose Job

Dr. Rokhsar is the inventor of the non-surgical nose job and has performed over 1,000 procedures.  In this procedure, Dr. Rokhsar injects Radiesse beneath the skin onto the nose in order to camouflage asymmetries and bumps on the bridge of the nose, give a more prominent, up-turned tip, or create a more defined bridge.  Patients are numbed with a topical numbing cream for 30 minutes prior to the procedure.  The procedure takes about ten minutes and results last between nine months and a year.

Volume Augmentation

As people age, they can loose fat in the face which results in the face looking hollow and gaunt.  Sculptra is an injectable that can gradually build volume over multiple sessions by stimulating the body to increase skin thickness at injection sites, resulting in a natural, fuller look.  Typically, patients require two to three sessions, and up to six sessions in cases of extreme volume loss.  A topical numbing cream is applied for thirty minutes prior to the procedure and the injectable in mixed with lidocaine, which further decreases discomfort.  Each session takes about fifteen minutes and results can last up to two year.

Skin Tightening

Loss of volume, collagen, and elasticity are all parts of the aging process that can contribute to skin laxity.  Luckily, there are several treatments available that help to improve the condition of loose skin leaving you with firmer, tighter, more youthful-looking skin.  Ulthera is the latest in skin tightening technology.  This device utilizes ultrasound technology to lay down precise rows of microscopic lesions beneath the skin.  These lesions stimulate the wound healing process which promotes skin tightening and increased collagen production without downtime.  Thermage, similarly, is a no downtime procedure that stimulates skin tightening and collagen production.  This technology uses radio waves to drive heat energy deep beneath the skin and protects the top layer of the skin with a cooling tip.  Lastly, the Fraxel Re:Pair laser lays down columns of microscopic treatment zones surrounded by healthy tissue.  The benefits of this procedure are tighter skin, fewer brown spots, reduced sun damage, and increased collagen production.  This treatment has one week of medical downtime.