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Fraxel Re:Pair

FraxelRe:pair in New York City by Dr. Cameron Rokhsar
FraxelRe:Pair New York City - More Artillery in the war on Aging

The Fraxel Re:Pair laser is the gold standard in CO2 laser resurfacing.   Dr. Rokhsar was the 1st in the country to provide Fraxel laser resurfacing, and has  performed more Fraxel last treatments than any other physician in the world. He has introduced the Fraxel laser device around the world, to countries such as Australia, Asia, Europe, and South America. Unlike the old technologies which perform a thin, general ablation, the Fraxel laser ablates precise colums of microscopic treatment zones leaving areas deep within the dermis, leaving surrounding areas of healthy tissue.  The benefits of the new technology over the old are faster healing time, reduced risk of scarring and infection, ability to treat more precise areas, such as the eyes, and increased results.

Patients can expect firmer and tighter skin, reduced wrinkles and fine lines, more even skin tone, reduced sun damage.  Enlarged pores, acne scars and surgical scars are greatly improved.  The Fraxel Re:Pair laser is also very effective in treatingpearly penile papules.

Does Fraxel Re:Pair treatment hurt?

Dr. Rokhsar and his staff do their best to make you as comfortable as possible.  Before your treatment, your skin will be numbed with a topical numbing cream for an hour and Dr. Rokhsar will use injections to further numb the treatment area.  You are also given the option to take an oral medication that will help you feel more relaxed.  Most patients describe a sensation of increased sensation of heat within the skin.  Patients experience little to no pain following the procedure.

Is there downtime?

There is about a week of medical downtime after the procedure.  You will be raw and swollen for the first 48 hours following the procedure.  Swelling will gradually reduce over the week following the procedure.  You will be advised to keep your head elevated on several pillows to further reduce swelling.  For after-care you will be required to soak your face with a vinegar-water mixture and keep your skin moist with Vaseline as new skin grows in its place.  After a week you will be able to return to regular activities.

For patients who are looking for similar results without the medical downtime, The Fraxel Re:Store laser is a effective, less aggressive option.  This laser resurfaces 20-30% of the skin at a time.  The aftercare is minimal and you can return to your normal activities immediately.  You will look as if you have had a bad sunburn for several days.

FraxelRe:pair In New York City By Dr. Cameron Rokhsar. Before Treatment Photo - Female, frontal view FraxelRe:pair In New York City By Dr. Cameron Rokhsar. After Treatment Photo - Female, frontal view

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