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Latisse Eyelash Enhancement

Latisse is a product that increases the fullness, length, and darkness or eyelashes over the course of 16 weeks. It was originally used as an ophthalmic solution to treat elevated intraocular pressure, but scientists noticed its effects on eyelash growth and began marketing it for patients who wished to have longer, fuller eyelashes. It is not known exactly how Latisse works but it is believed that it acts to increase the duration of the growth phase of the eyelash hair cycle, which allows more hairs to grow for a longer period of time.

The product is applied to the base of the upper eyelashes once daily. Latisse should not be applied directly to the eye or to the lower lashes. Contact wearers must remove lenses before application, and lenses may be replaced after 15 minutes. Any excess fluid should be blotted with a tissue after applying Latisse in order to prevent staining of other areas of the skin. If use of Latisse is discontinued, eyelashes will return to normal length and thickness within a few months.

Side effects include redness of the eyelids, eye irritation, and dryness of the eyes, and in some cases, skin darkening was reported near the area where Latisse was applied. Hyperpigmentation results from the increase of melanin in the skin near the application site and is expected to fade in the months following discontinuing the use of Latisse. The long term safety of the active ingredient in Latisse is well documented, especially from its prior history as a medicated drop for patients with glaucoma or ocular hypertension.



Latisse - Before and After 16 week Photos: Female (frontal view)


Latisse - Before and After 16 week Photos: Female patient (frontal view)