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Sculpting New York - Non Surgical Fat Reduction & Laser Surgery New York (NY)


Sculptra is an injectable used to gradually improve volume loss in the face.  It is made of a biocompatible material known as poly-L-lactic-acid.  Because this material is not harmful to the body, no skin test is required prior to treatment.

Sculptra is injected beneath the skin in areas of fat and collagen loss.  Over a series of two to six sessions, Sculptra helps restore volume in areas of lost collagen by gradually increasing skin thickness.  Multiple sessions help you to tailor your treatment in order to achieve an optimal result.

What Happens the day of treatment?

A topical numbing cream will be applied to your skin for thirty minutes in order reduce discomfort during treatment.  After you have numbed, Dr. Rokhsar will inject the areas of volume loss.  Sculptra is diluted with water and an anesthetic.  After treatment, you will notice a significant difference in volume due to the water mixed with Sculptra and swelling, this will go away over several days.

Is there any down time after the treatment?

There is no medical downtime after Sculptra treatments but you may experience bruising and swelling.  Ice will help reduce the severity of these symptoms.  You may return to all of your normal activities including work and exercise immediately following treatment.

How long does Sculptra last?

Sculptra can last up to two years after the first treatment.  Each person will have a slightly different experience, and some may find that they need a touch up to maintain desired results.