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Vbeam Perfecta Laser

The Vbeam Pulsed Dye laser is the gold standard for correction redness resulting from rosacea, broken capillaries, spider veins, and scars.  The laser is designed to target only redness, speciffically hemoglobin, so it leaves the rest of the tissue in the skin unharmed.
What happens during treatment?
The Vbeam laser is relatively painless and is equip with an on-board cooling system so there is no need to numb with a topical numbing cream beforehand.  Dr. Rokhsar will used the laser to treat areas of redness on your face.  The treatment lasts between five and ten minutes.
Is there any down time?
There is no medical down time after treatment with the Vbeam laser.  You may experience mild to moderate redness or bruising.  These side effects resolve themselves within a few days.
When will I see results?
You will see results as soon as any redness or bruising subsides.  Often, more than one treatment is requried for optimal results.
How long do results last?
The answer to this question depends on the condition being treated.  Sometimes, as is the case with rosacea patients, maintenance treatments are necessary, in other cases, treatments may be semi-permanent.