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Sculpting New York - Non Surgical Fat Reduction & Laser Surgery New York (NY)


Velashape is a non-surgical treatment that tones and contours the body for circumferential reduction and the diminished appearance of cellulite. It has three components: radiofrequency energy, infrared light energy, and a mechanical vacuum massage, which combine to reduce the size of fat cells. By increasing the metabolism of the fat stored in adipose cells and increasing lymphatic draining of the area, the pockets of fat are reduced and as a result, the bulging and dimpling of cellulite is diminished.

Vacuum suction and mechanical rollers smooth out the skin for an even distribution of heat. Areas that can be treated with Velashape are the buttocks, love handles, abdomen, and thighs. Patients experience a slight pulling from the vacuum suction and a warming sensation from the radiofrequency and infrared energy. The procedure can take from 20-60 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated, and usually 4-6 sessions are needed to observe the full effects.

Patients can expect to experience warmth for a few hours after the procedure in the area(s) treated, as well as some redness, swelling, and rarely, bruising, all of which are temporary. There will be some immediate tightening and smoothing following the treatment but most of the results will come gradually over the treatment sessions. The results of the procedure need to be maintained with diet, exercise and periodic follow-up Velashape sessions.